The History of May Day

May Day festivals probably originated from the worship of Flora, the Roman
goddess of flowers, though the Druids of Ancient Britain also celebrated the
return of Spring during the pagan festival of Beltaine.

These  festivals  evolved  and  became  our  May  Day,  and  are  traditionally
celebrated with dancing around a garlanded and beribboned pole called a
maypole,  from  which  hang  streamers  held  by  the  dancers,  celebrating  the
return of life and fruitfulness after the winter months.

One of the most important factors of the maypole dancing is the music! The
English Folk Dance and Song Society is a national education charity, which
for over a hundred years has worked to promote and encourage, document
and develop the folk music dance and song tradition within England.

Orpington May Queen Group
The Orpington May Queen has been in existence for 69 years now
and is a member of the ‘Merrie England and London May Queen Festival’
The main aims of the group are:

  • To maintain the established tradition of the May Queen
    and protect its heritage for future generations
  • To foster links within the local community between the
    young and old through shared experience
  • To encourage charitable support from members of the group
    within the local community through the adoption of a local
    charity by the incumbent May Queen
  • To provide a fun activity and an enjoyable experience
    for both children and their parents/carers


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